Monday, April 30, 2012

Unattended Minimal Desktop for Ubuntu install, sort of fail

Saturday installed Lucid Lynx on the old, heavy and extremely noisy Sony Vaio.

Made a CLI only install first, and then installed the Minimal Desktop for Ubuntu, one thing, tho, after the initial setup questions left the install and got out, returned about 2 hours late, to find the whole thing still going on.

Since the laptop already had an OpenSSH server up & running, connected to it to see what a hell was going on with install... The problem was the banner for the installer for some Microsoft font (bundled on the "Restricted" package) did a time out or similar, so, I simply killed the given PID, and the install process end A Ok.

The process was this chunck:

root     15088  0.0  0.2   5176  1852 pts/0    S+   16:35   0:00 whiptail --backtitle Package configuration --title Configuring ttf-mscorefonts-installer\
This Microsoft End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you (either an?individual or a single entity) and Microsoft Corporation for\

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Perfect Saturday

Cold as hell, windy, a bit rainy and humid.
Every single Saturday should be like today.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The current Ubuntu desktop

With a slight twist for Torrents...

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weather Nirvana

Oh my dear Winter!
Looks like its here after all...

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Same players, same runners... The first one after the 10K jump...
The number of artist, as expected after all the general Playlist passes, doesn't seem to be increasing either.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The voices made me do it...

Didn't want it to, but... I'm BT like there is no tomorrow...
I had to, there is no way in Hell I can get those movies around here.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I send you down below my boots

Took a nose dive, hopefully, this is the real start for the cold weather season, on top of that, today we had a nice cloudy day. Things can't get any better, at least weather wise.

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10 K on Last

Well, I hit the 10 K plays on Last FM...
Even tho these days I don't hear as much as my music as I used to.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cleaning & creaking

Dismantled my lovely T60 today, mostly because it had a really, really annoying  creaking under the right side palm rest that was driving me crazy...
But also took the chance to take a look at the dust situation around the fan; after all, I have this little laptop for something like 8 months or so, and I have been using it practically day in day out ever since.
There wasn't much dust or gunk piled up on the insides -usually try to keep the place really tidy around here ;) -.
For the damn creaking used a two face sticker (the last picture) before closing the T60 again; for the moment it seems to be stopped, will see how it goes over the next days.

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Malweather Detected!

I know the National Weather Service sucks, but this is way too much.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

(Old school) Apple Cinema Glory

The little T410 connected to my old and trusty Apple Cinema Display, with all the glory of the NVIDIA card, at full 1680x1050 resolution.

It works like a champ with the laptop, specially since this T410 has only a 1280x800 resolution, and the LCD (even tweaked a bit thru the NVIDIA's configuration utility still looks like an arse...)
A real shame, since the T410 simply flies and the keyboard (given it is the Thinkpad's new generation) is amazing to type onto.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Go West

Taking a little rest from The X Files.
Even tho the week work wise has been a freaking nightmare, took the time to Netflix another Ken Burns documentary.

God is in Heaven,
The Pope is at the Vatican,
The King is in Madrid,
The Viceroy's in Mexico City,
And to hell with you.
I'm in San Antonio.

This one is not really made by, but actually presented by Ken Burns. Still have ther more episodes to go.

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The current Ubuntu desktop

Connected to the Apple Cinema Display thru the DisplayPort > Apple DVI-ADC adapter > Apple Cinema Display.
With the NVIDIA driver installed the whole thing works beautifully out of the box.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Like it was the X time (4)

Right in the middle of season 3.
So far the best episodes are, of course "Nisei" & "731", but boy I've enjoyed "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"...
This whole thing of re-watching The X Files from zero (first on DVD, and now on Netflix) is proving to be a remarkable thing.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

The current Ubuntu desktop

Went back to the greys, my beloved Clearlooks & Gnome Colors icons.
A true classic.

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Let's just hope

Certainly wish to see this, not only the movie, but also humans conquering the space.
Sort of like the Allied side of Iron Sky =)
Even tho I was raised with the "modern" or "realistic" post "2001 A Space Odyssey" spaceship design, I would love to see this film someday.

Man Conquers Space

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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Firefox doesn't seem to know

Fuegofox bites

Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (magnet) isn't associated with any program.

Had this problem with what were the links to the *.torrent files on The Pirate Bay, don't know when did they change this, I don't download many Torrents from TPB these days.
Most of the instructions I found regarding this error were old, and do not apply to current versions of Firefox, so here it goes, in case I need to re-apply this:

Goto about:config
Right-click -> New -> Boolean -> Name:
network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet -> Value -> false

No need to restart Firefox, next click on a magnet link will prompt you to point what program to use, click your way to /usr/bin/transmission and you are done.

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Like it was the X time (3)

Season two is history.
By far the best episode, IMHO, is End Game.
The image of that submarine tower is amazingly powerful; which reminiscence to "Firefox" and "Ice Station Zebra".

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Evolution changes

Another one from the recent Linux Mint 12 test drive...
The new version of Evolution seems to bring a few changes, in the end didn't went along with this migration, this is something that I'll have to do when I move forward from Lucid Lynx.

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The Real Unknown

Just netflixed Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery.
The amazing Ken Burns documentary fills in -with amazing landscape cinematography- pretty well the Ambrose book I read almost 3 years ago.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012 Obsession (IX)

Another one, the first one after the Play Count wheel did three turns. This time Tom takes the lead...

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Monday, April 02, 2012

Windows 7 on the Dell Inspiron 1000

Installed today, after playing yesterday with Linux Mint 12 on the same laptop.
Loaded a bigger HDD, in this case, a beast of 60 GB go figure, and a little more of RAM I found, maxxing the memory to 768 MB.
Installation went fine -following my own USB key instructions-, took about an hour (from a USB key), the only remarkable thing, after the installation was over, there was no NIC adapter listed (the laptop has only a NIC card, no builtin WiFi adapter).
Easily worked out after installing the first set of Updates, but, in order to do so had to use a PCI D-Link DWL-G630 WiFi card that got recognized out of of box open sticking it onto the PCI bay.

The Inspiron 1000 only has a 1024x768 LCD and a video card that is incapable of delivering Aero Desktop Effects, but nevertheless the screen seems clear enough to use day in day out, particularly the Chrome browser one.

Installed the Windows 7 email client, that, believe it or not, you have to actually download because Windows 7 doesn't include it, even tho it is called "Something or other Essentials"... It took forever to get all the necessary updates once that "Essential" was installed.

Next thing, maybe tomorrow, will be actually using that Windows Mail Essential, and get all my contacts imported onto that.

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Linux Mint 12 on the Dell Inspiron 1000

Installed it yesterday to give it a more run down spin than the last time, and mostly because I had the time =)
Of course, used the 32 bits version, got the CD size version, w/o the codecs, and booted from a USB key.
The specs of the lappie are nothing to write home about it, specially the RAM, only 512 MB shared with video.
Given the lousy hardware specs the Gnome session defaults to a "Fallback Mode", but, nevertheless the overall looks of the GUI are rather sexy; the only thing missing -at least to me- are the drop shadow effects.
Of course, this being Gnome 3, even tho I was on the Fallback mode they were quite a lot of thing that weren't customizable the way that were on Gnome 2... Mostly stupid things like removing the username from the top Panel, or trying to do the same to the Virtual Desktops applet from the lower Panel.

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