Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New screenshot

And yet another one!
I like this one, got it here: BSD Nexus wallpapers

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

More on the iTunes rounded windows

These are some pics I found on internet, comparing the window's corners from the previous incarnations of iTunes, with the newer releases.
Like I said before, I really don't understand the idea behind this, and I certainly hope that the next release of Os X does not look like this globally.

What really puzzles me regarding this whole "chopped windows thing " is why would Apple do it, and then again, why only on the iTunes window?
Would this be a preview of how the windows will look on Leopard?

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Os X upgrade (& iTunes too)

After a lot of tinkering, did the upgrade for 10.4.9, and after a week or so, did the same for iTunes.
I have a special dislike for iTunes ever since they started to "cut" -to chisel- the window borders.
I really hate the way Apple did that! And also, I don't understand why they did it, iTunes was really, really good looking.

Anyway, there is a good thing, tho.
Before upgrading the system, while runing the previous version of iTunes, there were some songs that weren't transfered from the PowerBook to the iPod when doing a sync.
The thing was that I wasn't able to know which ones weren't, iTunes told me that some songs, including the one listed on the screenshot, for instance were not copied to the iPod.

After upgrading iTunes, when I performed the first sync, to my surprise, I found out that now it does inform me which songs are not copied to the iPod, jolly good!

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