Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Move/resize windows a la X Window

One the things I missed the most when I moved to Os X was the ability to move and resize any window like you can do on Linux, running X11; where you can simply grab a window and move it by pressing a keyboard/ mouse combination anywhere on the given screen.
I looked all around for such an option, but couldn't find none, even on Windows there is such a thing... win32WM

Yesterday, by mistake, I found a couple of programs that can do that:

WindowDragon   Musings from Mars blog post/ review
WindowDragon  MacUpdate download page
WindowDragon  Status-Q blog post/ review

Share/ Payware

MondoMouse Resize, focus follows mouse, etc.
MondoMouse Mac Os X Hints - Resize and move windows via mouse drag
OCSmart Hacks

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

How I nearly f*ck*d up my Os X install

I -being reeeeaaally stupid, since I have already executed it on my PB once- wanted to use Monolingual once again last night, trying to delete a few Input Chars & unused Languages.

So I set if off, and started deleting input chars for like Chinese, etc.

After I finished, I wasn't able to type anything on the Terminal, but I was able to do so on Spotlight & Safari, for instance.

Searched on the Trash and I did found out that they were a few directories there, named "*.bundle"; after a quick Google, I found out that those should go on:

/System/Library/Keyboard Layouts/

Copied those there, and voila, I was able to type on the Terminals once again!
I thought the pain was over, but then again I found out that, I wasn't able to type, for instance, my passphrase on the "Keychain Access"

Once again, I take a look on the Trash, and found out that there were some more files that looked like the culprit (besides me being the stupid who deleted those)

On the Trash, they were:

Another quick Googling around (I was still able to use Safari), and it showed me that those go onto:


So I opened a Finder window onto that directory, and tried to copy the files back there. The thing is that it asked my password, and I wasn't able to type it on the popup window!
In the end, I decided to simply reboot the PowerBook.

After the reboot, all is well...

Looking back, I should have:

- Drag the files from the Trash to the Desktop.
- using Terminal, copy those files via sudo to the proper place.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Monitor widget

This is a very cool Dashboard widget I have turned on all the time, WatchMouse.

Also, on their site, you can use some other tools to check the availability of your site, very handy to see how long does it take to load your page from Singapore.

If the widget detects a problem reaching your site, it loads Safari (if closed) with a page like this, showing form which country there are problems reaching you.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Some backup scripts

A couple of scripts to make backups, using rsync. One of those, it is somehow a port of the famous rsnapshot, a very, very cool backup script for Linux.

Time Machine For Tiger

The other one it is similar, but it uses launchd (link 1, link 2) for it is periodical execution.

Backups with Launchd

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Friday, July 13, 2007

More on the iTunes interface

The other day I found a program to change the looks of the current iTunes release, to make it more 'Aquaish'.
It is a free program, 26 MB in size, you can get it from here: Aqua4iTunes; I have it installed on my PowerBook, running iTunes 7.2 -for over a month- without any problem.

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Snowing Weather widget

These are from July 9th, it snowed in Buenos Aires, the first time in the last 80 years, or so.

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