Monday, January 29, 2007

My current desktop

An Aqua-like wallpaperI like this one, it really resembles Tiger's default desktop wallpaper, but this one has a more "powerful" blue.
It sort of looks like the desktop wallpapers the Dell's had on their website.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Bash script - Get screenshot

This little script gets a screenshot of your Apple box (runnig Os X), saves it to the ~/Desktop, renames it with the current date, and also makes a thumbnail of the image.
It gives you a few seconds before taking the screenshot.

## -----------------------------------------------
## Gets a screenshot, after a timed delay
## (in seconds). Saves the screenshot to
## the LOC variable, and creates
## a thumbnail
## -----------------------------------------------
## Custom settings

## The filename

## Change the place where the script
## is stored, default is the Desktop

## The date format, it is non US
DATE=`/bin/date +%d-%m-%y_%H.%M.%S`

## Includes the cursor on the (captured) image
## Comment or delete the line below if you don't
## want it on your screenshots

## Customize this to the delay you want
DELAY="sleep 5"

## Thumbnails size
## ------------------------------------------
## You shouldn't edit nothing below this line
## ------------------------------------------
TYPE="-t jpg"
MV="mv -f"
CP="cp -f"

## Get the screenshot

## Copy the screenshot to make a thumbnail


## Time stamp the files


# EoF #

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Os X wanna be (on Linux)

This time, running on top of KDE, this Os X theme it is the best one made so far, the one that better mimmicks the real thin.
It is called Baghira

Another very, very good Os X theming, this one running on Gnome, on top of Ubuntu.
The full instructions are here: Make Ubuntu look like OSX

This screenshot shows the hack that allows you (if you run Ubuntu) to have an "Apple like" Menu bar globally on the system.
From the Ubuntu forums: Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK and Java/Swing applications!
Also, this is a beautiful screenshot, it is hardly believable that it is not native Os X.

A version of Enlightenment's Engage but for Ubuntu.
The guide teaches you how to install it using apt-get.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Os X wanna be (on FreeBSD)

This one was while running Gnome, on FreeBSD, on a Toshiba laptop... The "dock" was Gdesklet's Starterbar, and the theme was: Gno-SX Gno-SX Gno-SX.
Actually, the whole thing looked kinda cool. (But only looked like that, underneath, it was a plain FreeBSD box; free but it is a lot of hard work to get things up & running)

And yet another one... Gnome, again, on top of FreeBSD, again, on the same laptop, again. The laptop was the same one I used to take the Os X86 adventure.
The same faux Dock, and the complete theme (GTK2, Metacity & icon set) on this case was: RPanther2 - RAqua - Exquisite.
This screenshot has a little more "Tigerish" look and feel, I think.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My little Os X86 adventure

Installed it on a Toshiba Satellite about a year ago.
Nothing new here, the install was a piece of cake, but there were many things that did not work at all on Os X. The trackpad, for instance, a royal PITA. iTunes, DVD Player, Safari crashed a lot.
Playing a DVD on a special VLC version for Intel Os X sky rockets the load on the system.

There were some really annoying artifacts on some of the windows, caused by the "drop shadow" effect. Not much, really, but it does pull the whole thing down, IMHO.

Safari kept crashing like a champ, over and over, had to install a special Firefox version that was able to remain open for a longer time.

Yes, this was during the release of the first gen iPod Nano's.

The system load maxed out while playing a DVD, using a special version of VLC.

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