Saturday, March 15, 2008

For whom the bells tolls (5)

You cant un-ring a bell
Or rather, back to the future, or the past, er... Whatever, something like that.

The time, the hour, got back to 'normal', meaning that today 12 PM the country's clock got back one hour, like what it was on December 30th. A shame to think that in all this time, Apple didn't even sent an update.. Anyways, it is back to my own time zone, and to sync via ntpd in order to get the clock under control on my Os X boxes (Judith works as my LAN's ntpd server).

Incidentally, all of my work servers that needed to get the change of hour got it automagically -as well as Judith here at home- the marvels of the Open Source I guess :)

This post, although it says posted at 11:28 PM, it is really being posted one hour later :D

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