Saturday, March 15, 2008

Linux PoderPC

Fedora (Live) on my PowerBook
I have been playing a bit with a couple of Linux distros for the PPC architecture on my PowerBook.
Took the latest Fedora release (the one on the screenshot) and Ubuntu for a spin, both of them worked flawlessly, even all the 'Desktop Effects' work without any issue.
The only problem was connecting to my wireless Access Point on my DI-614+, with WPA 2 enabled (but I didn't tried really hard to be honest), the main thing was seeing how Linux behaved on the PowerBook, I'm sure it might not be too hard to get connected, since the card it is properly recognized by both of the distros.

Function keys works, backlight on the keyboard works, etc. Only caveat, on Ubuntu, to boot from the CD, I had to pass this option:


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Anonymous Alejandro said...

lol, I'm exactly the opposite. I've a Linux i386 laptop and I installed it Leopard 10.5.2 :D

8:41 AM  
Blogger hictio said...

I did try Osx86 on October 2005 (time flies!!!) but I didn't like it, maybe the box I used was crap, I don't know...
Take a look here:

2:42 PM  
Blogger Ferretería Di Nucci said...

If you could install 10.4.1 then I'm sure you can get 10.5.x working, things have changed a lot since then.

I replied to your post here:

You can get A LOT of support at Drivers, install guides, etc.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Alejandro said...

That's me up here, forgot to unlog :P

11:38 AM  

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