Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Damn LinkSys

The annoyance that never was
Sunday's night and Monday's dawn was a total nightmare for my home LAN... A stupid thing like installing a few of updates on Thor ended up with a total disaster, not being able to connect to my home network by any means.
It began when I wanted to get a screen grab, on Trantor, from a problem I'm having when I unzip a file, the unzipped one ends up kinda on top of the original one.

While I was doing that, I was installing updates on Thor (Os X, Quicktime & iTunes). After the reboot, the box wasn't able to connect to my home network no matter what I tried, I even re installed the AirPort card on the Quicksilver, I could not get connected to the network, I got not a valid IP from the DHCP server.
While on Trantor. connected to the same network, everything seemed fine...

In the end, the problem was on the LinkSys, which is temporarily working as gateway and DHCP server (Judith is the DNS server for the LAN), previously I had setup the DHCP server on the LinkSys to give me a fixed IP address to Thor and Judith, but, as I found out, while doing this, it also turned off the DHCP server; and on top of that, it also incorrectly assigned the IP address of Thor to Trantor.

To finally get connected I had to configure a fixed IP address for each of the boxes.

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