Friday, February 08, 2008

The thing with the battery (2)

Back to the bare bones future
Yesterday re-installed Os X on my PB, did that because I wanted of get rid of some crud I deleted the hard way, for instance, extra languages, Garage Band (and all the loops); but I wanted to do it the proper way.
Also, I wanted to test if getting back to the oldest Os X version I could easily get my hands on would, eventually help me a bit with the battery problem I'm having.. (It didn't... The damn battery is totally dead, it doesn't charge at all)
And lastly, I wanted to change the file system I was using on the PB, switched to "Case-sensitive, Journaled", since I was having a bit of problem copying some file from Thor, because of the case sensitivity; really not a biggie, stuff things like Harmonic lyrics.

So, popped the DVD #1, and re-intalled Os X, no surprises there, everything silk smooth.
Like I said, my battery, which I babysitted since I got the PB, and it only has 26 cycles going, according to System Profiler...

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