Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The thing with the battery

Things don't look any good, it seems like it is somehow widespread among PB users.
On my case, either the battery is totally FUBAR, or, perhaps, maybe even the Logic Board is kaput.
I have used the Hardware Test tools from the install DVD #1 last night, the short and the complete test, it doesn't report the Logic Board as faulty.
I still have the option to roll back the Os X version, either by wiping the install with the reinstall DVD set that came with the PB, or maybe using the clone image I have on my external Seagate HDD.

Some links related to this problem, from the Apple forums:

- Powerbook battery will not charge
- Powerbook won't run off of battery - requires PMU reset to power up with AC
- PB will not run off battery, dies when ac adaptor is disconnected

Just to give an idea of the problem, as of today, the first link has 900 posts.

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