Monday, February 04, 2008

No Power No Honey

Damn monkeys! I mean, damn battery
The battery from Osiris seems to be dead.
It is not charging at all, found out yesterday when I tried to turn it on to do an Os X reinstall on it.
Simply didn't turn on until I plugged on the AC.
With the AC plugged the LED went orange, but only for a couple of seconds, and (luckily) the PowerBook booted normally.
The PMU seems to be borked, the date went nuts, 2001 on the Menu Bar, 1969 on the Terminal...
Once Osiris is up, the LED is constantly green, and the battery icon is on a constant 0% and when clicked on the MenuBar icon, it says "Calculating until full..." all the time, also, on System Profiler, the Power options says that the battery is not charging at all.
If I unplug the AC, the machine turns off instantly.
I'll leave it charging for a couple of days, to see if luck is on my side... It is really a damned situation, since the battery has only 26 cycles on it... Is the original one that came with the PowerBook, bought on December 2005. (And, no, it is not a battery that can be recalled, the serial number does not match with the ones that had problems)
Some links a I found while searching for a solution (tried every solution available):

- G4 Powerbook Battery not charging
- A new way to resuscitate a dead battery
- Stubborn powerbook battery won't charge
- Battery Exchange Program iBook G4 and PowerBook G4

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