Tuesday, February 05, 2008

There is a new box in town

OpenBSD logo, Puffy
I have a new box at home, Judith. It is the box I have mentioned as "being from 1998", I finally got it.
Let me tell you, it is a real p*ece of sh*t... An AMD @ 300MHz, with 32 MB RAM (up to 4 MB for the MOBO integrated video) and a whooping 4 GB Samsung HDD.
Had to get rid of the CDROM, installed one I had from God know when, and, of course, installed OpenBSD on it, easy as cake, less than an hour to get it up & running on the server (the only thing, I don't have a NIC around!!!)
It is currently using some 300 MB, left out the games and all the X Window related sets.
This box has written "firewall" all over it, I have to get a couple of NICs ASAP, and be done with.
I'm beginning to love OpenBSD.

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