Sunday, January 27, 2008

Adiós unwanted languages

The crud... The crud...
You can use something like Monolingual, with some caution, avoid doing something totally stupid to delete the languages that you don't use from your Os X installation, but, every time that you use Software Update to download a new version or updates, the languages that you deleted will crawl back into place on your Os X system.

Of course, you can use Monolingual once again... But that was exactly how I did something totally totally stupid on my PowerBook, that I thought, it would cost me a total re-install...
The other option, of course, is to de-select the languages that you don't want to install, when you perform the Os X installation on your box; this however will not stop Software Update form downloading the extra languages when a given program in installed.

Confirmation for the deletion!
So, a nice option to regain Hard Disk Drive space, it is to carefully delete those extra languages by hand, doing so, for instance, I have reduced the size of the from 69 MB to 7 MB (only left the English language, I don't care about the rest).

Go to the /Applications directory, right-click on the application you would like to Atkins, and select "Get Info" from the pop-up menu.
Scroll down till the bottom of the window, and then select the languages that you don't want, and delete them, one by one.
Leave the english one, no matter what, or bad thing will happen.

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