Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bumpy Saturday morning

Both Thor & Judith had a rough early start today.
When I turned on thor (I turn it off when I go to sleep), it got up OK, allowed me to login, give me full desktop, Dashboard, etc, but then, began a loud clicking sound from the box, I tought one of the 2 HDDs died on me, but to me sounded like way too loud to be a HDD.
Turned off, tried to turned on again, and nothing... The same sound, on screen a grey screen, no spinning booting circle or anything.
Turned off again, opened it up, and turned on while open, the sound might seemed to come from the power unit.

Turned off Thor, disconnected all the cables, touched a bit the power unit (there is no other way of saying it, simpley touch it), connected everything, and with the bay open, turned it on. No problem at all, so, closed the hatch, moved thor to its place, and on I went...

Logged me in, performed a backup to my external drive (I had recent backups but just in case), checked email, used Safari, Terminal & iTunes for about 2/ 3 hrs.

After that, turned off thor for about 10 minutes, and then turned on again, no problem whatsoever, I'm typing this from my beloved thor.

ITOH, Judith came out of the night apparently completely hanged, no network connection at all, but powered on, (at least the screen offered a login prompt). Connected a monitor and a keyboard, but the keyboard was not working at all, perhaps because it booted without one in the first place.
So, there goes another uptime stat down the drain.

If Judith goes down, it is annoying; but loosing Thor would be too much...

Now that I stop to think about it, perhaps the roden bite the other day gave me super powers, and I now I can fix things by simply touching them...
I was thinking in adding some color to the bit, masquerading it as jailhouse tattoo to pick up a rapper girl or something.

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