Friday, March 28, 2008


Wanted film
I have been looking for this movie for quite some time, I remember seeing it on cable during the 80's.
I always thought it was pretty good, later I found out that was shot by Michael Ballhaus, IIRC, on the "Repo Man" DVD ( link 1 link 2), Alex Cox comments both on the early LA work done by both Robby Müller and Ballhaus.
The other day had the chance to see (among many other movies) another of my favorite forgotten films from the 80's, "Miracle Mile" ( link 1 link 2 ), all the LA exteriors remembered a lot to Heartbreakers (or at least, the memory I have from the film)

Here is a review of Heartbreakers, and apparently, it can only be found on VHS (!!!):

Forgotten Films: Heartbreakers (1984) - Heartbreakers (1984)

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