Monday, March 24, 2008

Damn uptime

judith uptime graph
This sh*t is gets me mad... I can't get judith to stay on longer than a week, and the worst of it, the box (luckily, if you stop to think of it) it's not failing with a hardware problem...
It is PEBKAC all around, for whatever effing reason, I disconnect it by mistake.
The uptimes are a piece of crap, because, first of all, I enabled the MRTG graphing just a day before I left for my vacation, and then, after I got back, I disabled the DHCP server, so when the lease ended, I thought the server had crashed, and rebooted it...

Today, when I was cleaning a bit, I sent to hell all of my boxes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uptimes run the world, literally :D

6:32 PM  

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