Friday, March 28, 2008

Rodent bite

Stupidity bites?
After a 2 week agricultural strike (link 1  link 2 link 3 link 4), the urban centers in Argentina are getting left with shorter and rapidly diminished food supplies, desperate, the rats are invading the streets a la Alan Weisman (but with us still around) targeting the only soft and tasty flesh they can find: humans!
Last night I had a fight to death with one particularly big specimen who left the marks of its filthy fangs on my hand.

So long Intellipoint, and thanks for the scroll
Actually, more than a rat, it was my own stupidty, trying to pry open an old mouse of mine I nearly stabbed with a screwdriver. This mouse stopped working and I simply effing love it, but the sucker was bolt down and soldered, it was impossible to open, I don't get an idea how Microsoft build this things...
I am a fetishist when it comes not only to mouse pointers ( link 1 & link 2 ), but also regarding mouses, I particularly hate the so called 'travel mouses', those that are sold for the laptop users ( link 1 & link 2 ).
Right now, I have this mouse, but it pales in comparison with my late Intellipont...

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