Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Movies During The Weekend

We had (sort of) a four day weekend around here, so with the GF we had to watch a shit load of movies no matter what...

  • Salem's Lot
We finally finished it.

  • Paranormal Activity
Watched this one on Popcorn Flix, a free movies Roku channel.
Boring, except for a very few instances.

  • The Counselor
A re-watch on my case, but not for the GF, so we dived onto it...
Still a damn boring movie.

  • American Ultra
Nice one, we were expecting this one for quite sometime.
It is sort of a mix of Clerks and The Bourne Identity.

  • The Master
Even tho I do like Paul Thomas Anderson films, this one was boring, long and I should have skipped it.

  • French Connection
A re-watch for me, but the GF hasn't seen it.

  • House Of Cards
We finally did!
We finished the 3rd Season!
In the end, it sort of takes off and it gets a bit better.

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