Thursday, December 03, 2015

In Praise of Defaults

That is, regarding themes...
Simply put, the more I test and test different Unity themes (mostly flat ones), the more I like the default "Radiance".
Right now, along with that theme, the other two I'm using are:

Like I said "Radiance" is great, an amazing theme, except for two small things, that I find annoying...

Not completely flat:
Something that I find strange, to say the least, since the unfocused windows are totally flat and look great.

Launcher "Pills":
The launcher has a thin, small rectangle around the icons, a so called "pill".
Even tho the default icon theme (ubuntu-mono-dark) looks rather nice, those god damned pills make then look ugly.

Despite those two things, I think that the default (once again) look of the Terminal on "Radiance" is pure gold.

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