Monday, April 14, 2008

Time for some facts

The year of the DS on the Chinese calendar
I'm copying some of the files from Thor to Tango. so I can feel more at home using it, nothing strange :p

Today I have transfered everything from '~/Pictures', on Thor; to '%USERPROFILE%\Pictures' on Tango -I'm such a dork... -, or I should say Imágenes, incidentally Operating Systems in another language than English seem so phony to me... Anyway, I have noticed 2 things:

- The dreaded .DS_STORE files use 18 MB of HDD space.

- I have 1971 of such files on the Pictures directory of Thor, which is the year I was born.

Don't point that index to me
The other thing I learned, thanks to the OS being in Spanish, go figure, is that "indizar" is the correct way of saying "indexar", and that the later, actually, is the Computational Spanglish from the first one, which is the correct way.

The whole etymology of the word is here: Indizar

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