Thursday, April 10, 2008

Point of Vista (I)

Zhe Vista has landed
Yes... It's here... I mean Vista
Not much else to say... I guess...
Being really busy installing & configuring everything on the laptop; specially, getting rid of HP crapware, and humongous programs that I won't use at all on the box (like a 300 MB program to make CD labels), the Office test drives, the HP Games (????), etc., etc.

Installed the stuff I couldn't live without, for good or bad, except for PC Anywhere, everything else installed without any problems.

I can't really be fair on judging Vista (at least this particular version/ distribution), since the pre-installed version on the laptop is the dreaded "emerging markets" version, that is, the Starter version, which comes crippled in many, many ways (because is cheaper), but the most annoying of those non=working features is that you can't run more than 3 programs at the same time.

This what I have been installing so far:

Irfan View
Sound Forge
True Transparency (I really miss the drop shadows...)

The best way to put it, for the moment at least, would be taking a look at this (old) Joy of Tech webcomic

Personally, I think that Microsoft has lost its mind.

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