Saturday, April 12, 2008

Vista Starter: Become a marathonist

Zhe Vista has landed
Or, HOWTO run more than 3 programs on a plain vanilla Vista Starter installation.
Being really busy this last days, but specially today, with a lot of work.

But, I had a little time to make some experiments :)
Found a way of running more than the palsy 3 programs (at the same time) that Windows Vista Starter allows.
Not sure if it is illegal, but nevertheless, I'll post it here, perhaps someone might find this handy.

I'd noticed that Vista seems to count opened programs if they use any Task Bar real state (actually, I think it is far more complicated, but the basis seem to be similar to that idea), so I have Googled for a program -free, if possible- that would eventually, minimize a running program not to the Task Bar, but to the Tray.

It turns out that there is such a program, it is called Tray It!, and not only exists, but on top of that, it is free.

The trick is, when you are going to minimize an opened program, also press the Ctrl key while you are clicking the Minimize button on the window.
The program will goto to the Tray, and you'll be able to open as many programs as your box can handle.

The Nefud cannot be crossed

On this screenshot, there are running eight programs in parallel, from left to right:
Irfan View, Outlook, Emacs, Notepad, VLC, Firefox, PuTTY & FileZilla.

So far, the only program that I found that couldn't be 'trayed it' was Internet Explorer, but I hardly ever use it, the version 7 release seems like small monster, in terms of "the snappy".

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