Monday, April 14, 2008

Favorite Firefox tweaks & add ons

Fuegofox bites
Altough I preffer Safari as my favorite browser, since this days I have been using more Vista than Os X, I have switched to Firefox as the default Internet browser, since I can't even see Internet Explorer 7.

Actually I really, really enjoy all the tweaking and configuring possibilities that Firefox has over Safari, but using Os X, I find that Safari integrates way better with the whole OS; but since I'll be using Windows Vista for the next weeks, or more maybe, I'll list my favorite tweaks & extensions.

Tweaks, via about:config:

Fire up Firefox, and on the URL box, type about:config and have a blast...

- Get only one close tab button:

"browser.tabs.closeButtons", set to '3'.
So instead of having a close button on each tab, you'll get only one at the foremost right, really useful to avoid closing a tab by mistake.

- Disable the 'Install Missing Plugin' bar:

"plugin.default_plugin_disabled", set to 'false'.
Always hated it this feature... It is one of the first things I disable, specially when I use Firefox on any of my slow computers

The "Minimize", "Back Button", "Cache" & the "Network" hack from Firefox Tweaks, Extensions and Optimizations, really useful too.


Nothing really revolutionary here, but extremelly useful ones.

- Adblock Plus
Blocks images and frames, everywhere except in Ars!!

- DownThemAll!
Super handy add on, allows you to download all the content within a page. Specially useful if used in conjunction with...

- Save Image in Folder
Allows you save images to specific directories with just one click.

- FlashBlock
Allows you block every and any Flash animation until you click on those to specifically enable.

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