Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Povera Os X

Or... running FreeBSD on a Compaq Presario piece of sh*t :)

Not much of Os X here... But, I got a Compaq Presario laptop, a really clunky box, with a 6 GB HDD, and 64 MB RAM (shared with video)
It had Windows ME, which was like saying, it had nothing on it.
Maxxed the RAM with a 512 MB stick I had form my dead iBook G3 (the Compaq only sees 311 MB, but what a hell...)

To play with it, I d'loaded FreeBSD 6.2 RELEASE (both CDs), and installed without a single problem.

Recompiled the kernel, mostly, to get rid of crud, and to get a nice, cool looking smaller font on the CLI.

The thing, running Gnome, and Epiphany it is s l o w, but usable.

The main dissapointment is the resolution, I can't get it to go upwards than 800x600 which is a major PITA; the other thing is the HDD drive, 6 GB of HDD, nowadays, is as close as nothing as you can get to... But nevertheless, it installs.

Nevertheless, for CLI work it is simply amazing, and for some lightweight browsing, it works.

I even run it with the X org composite on, having drop shadows enabled.

The theme, emulating Os X of course, it is a mixture of this three, all of them from Gnome Look:

- Kougyoku Aqua
- Unified
- Exquisite

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