Monday, April 07, 2008

Currently (Re) reading books

American Psycho:    link

  Maybe it was because I got the DVD during the holidays (it was on sale on a Blockbuster on Key Largo, 9 bucks) or maybe because of the traveling accounts from a Miami trip that I have been reading here No se sabe, the thing is that I have been re-reading it.

(Also got my DVD for 'Less than zero', but I didn't find that much fun in re-reading that book, ITOH, seeing the movies after all this years was really an eye opener, IIRC, 'Less than zero' was maybe the first serious & contemporary book I read when I was a "young person", I read it on 1989)

But, my all time favorite Ellis' (contrary to all the critics, it seems) is 'The rules of atraction', I simply devoured that book when I read it, less that a year after reading 'Less than zero'.

Where wizards stay up late:    link

  Bought this one last year, I must have read it for the first time around 1997/ 98, taken it out of a library somewhere (and returning it, of course).
It is the history, not only of the "origins of the Internet", but specifically of the creation of the first router.
Remember that with out a router:

"every single system connected to the network would have to know how to contact every other system on the network"

and that also:

"every package would have to go every other system on the network"

Simply replace 'network' for 'internet', and you'll get the importance of routers.

I love re-reading books -maybe it's because I'm getting old- but I specially love re-reading technical (or technical related) books, particularly those that deal with hard to grasp concepts, I mean, for the first time that I read those.
Not to mention on a field like computers, where everything is -rather, seems like to be- re-written every so often, except for the The Art of Unix Programming :D



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