Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Skype + Cinnamon: Mouse Cursor Shape Shenanigans

Cinnamon's own mouse pointer theme, accessed thru System Settings > Themes > Other settings > Mouse Pointer, it is the de facto way of setting those the way that you want it.
No matter if you edit the file:


If you fail to set the mouse pointer theme thru the Settings GUI, you are screwed.

That is why, after setting up the mouse pointer theme I like (basic-goofy-black+, of course!), I've noticed that, even tho the mouse shape was the correct ones all over the place, Skype simply didn't honoured the mouse pointer theme.
It changed it to something else, not the default, the white one, but a black version...
So, to correct that, and the theme all across the board, the way it should be, I had to edit the index.theme file mentioned above, and then logout and back in, and presto, problem solved.

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