Saturday, May 02, 2009

Window Shopping on a slow Saturday

Being window shopping today, mostly Emerald themes, looking for another theme to, perhaps not replace my beloved Human Tiger, but to give it a little of rest.

These two are the defacto install on my Gnome setups, they look kick ass on any Ubuntu setup:

- GNOME-colors 3.1
The greatest and meanest Gnome icon set for Ubuntu, IMHO.

- Human Murrina
Yeah, it might be "old", but I love it, to me it should be Gnome's default theme.

And these ones I have researched, installed on Tango and tested:

- Belgrade OS X theme
- New Clearlooks Orange (Ubuntu) 1
- Ubuntu Human soft 1.1
- Ubuntu Dust theme 1.0
- Humanized 0.1
- Human Leopard 1.1

But none of them convinced me...
The best one was 'Ubuntu Human Soft', but didn do the thing for me, and in the end, I went back home to my beloved Human Tiger.

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