Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jaunty on a Compaq F700

Today installed the latest Ubuntu release on Tango.

Everything went silky smooth -during and after the install-, and everything (at least so far) it is working just dandy. By everything I mean the WiFi card, the now famous Atheros, didn't even needed a "special procedure", like it was needed on Intrepid.

But at least, on Inteprid the Atheros worked like a champ, unlike Hardy, where it was impossible, at least for me, to connect to any WiFi network.

The NVIDIA GeForce 7000M card works just perfect (after installing the first set of updates), and enabling it. I'm using version 180, and it works just fine.
At the moment I'm not running any special Desktop Effect, right on the "Normal" level, and for the moment, I'll continue to run like that.
Hell, I even use only one Virtual Desktop...

Link to uncompress screenshot on Image Shack

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