Tuesday, April 01, 2008


To infinity and beyond, literally
I have always being a "fan" (if that's the correct word) of the Voyager mission, don't really know why, certainly not because of V'ger, tho, I guess that must have been the first time I saw a representation of it.

Also, I remember seeing on public TV (no cable at the time, and on black and white TV!!!!) Cosmos, specially the "Travelers Tale" episode completely and totally fascinated.

Or maybe it is because it is just a marvelous machine that simply kept working all along my childhood, as I was entering first grade, was launched, and when I finished high school it was leaving Neptune.

Here are some YouTube I was watching last night, from and "old" NASA/ JPL documentary on the project.

Voyager Part 1
Voyager Part 2
Voyager Part 3

Since I mention Cosmos, what a bummer it was when I bought the DVDs... I was hoping it would offer a Spanish translation, that way, the memories would be complete; but not, only subtitles :D

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