Friday, April 04, 2008

Q (ute, but sloooow dog)

Q  + CD borked the Menu Bar
Being playing a bit with the -free- CPU emulator, Q.
Yesterday spooned it to the point that I had to reboot Thor because after a bad virtual host configuration, trying to use an Ubuntu Live CD, it completely locked up when I tried to remove the CD from the CD tray.
In the end, the spinning wheel crap ended, and I got the system back, but there was a problem with the Menu Bar, it was out of sync by an app, displaying that last used app all the time, a total and complete PITA.

Booting takes forrrrrrreeeeeveeeeerrrrrrrrrr And ever, and ever, and ever....

Tonight tested it with the latest Ubuntu beta release... Booting the system takes for ever, it took from 11:22 to 11:54 PM to get a working prompt, and the X server could not start at all, had to switch to a virtual (in this case, should I say a virtual-virtual?) terminal to properly access the Ubuntu virtual host.
I'm beat, I'll continue with this tomorrow, but it is way too slow on my hardware.

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