Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More than enough Windows

These days I have more Windows than I would like to have it seems...
Had to change the HDD drive on the Sales Manager's laptop, it died the sudden death, without prior notice.

It's a Dell Latitude D610, and I haven't seeing an easier way of pulling out a laptop's HDD on my whole life, I'm completely baffled, there is not a single point of comparison with the ordeal that it was to take out the HDD from my late iBook.
On the Dell, 2 screws, and slide out the HDD "cartridge"...

From blue screen... To middle screen... To the XP screen...


One thing that I found really strange -didn't remembered from the last time I did a restore from the factory CD to my Toshiba laptop, years ago- was that this Dell laptop has not one, but 3 restore CDs.

The first one only has the OS, Windows XP Home SP2, which is perfectly fine, except for the fact that after installing the whole thing from that CD, you have to use the CD 2 to get such an essential thing as the integrated NIC to work. since the drivers are on that CD.

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