Thursday, April 17, 2008

Exodus programs

A couple of programs I forgot to add to the list of the ones I have installed on my Vista sandbox.

- Win32WM (Direct link)
It gives you the most practical thing that ever came out of X Window, but on Windows -get it?- :p
The ability to move a window by grabbing it anywhere not just the title bar.
You click anywhere on the window, press the Alt key, and you can move the window.
Like I said before , I really don't understand why Os X doesn't have this built in & from the get go.

- XKeymacs
If you are an Emacs junkie -like I am-, then this is the one for you.
It gives you Emacs keyboard shortcuts on all Windows, on everything, form Notepad, to explorer.exe, amazing, I know, I know :p
The programs needs tweaking, -perhaps a lot-, but that's what Emacs is all about, and, if you add Windows to it, and a lot of different programs, well, you'll have to expect to configure a lot :D
The tweaking part is not because it is complex, but because many of the built in Emacs shortcuts, enabled globally by default will conflict with the behavior you expect from some programs; nothing extreme, but your usual keyboard shortcut might not work until you configure it a bit.

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