Monday, April 28, 2008


Ciudad de Perros
I simply can't stop listening to the soundtrack of this one... I'm not specially fond of skates (nor surfing), but the documentary really got me, it is entertaining, and boy, the soundtrack really kicks it.

The official soundtrack (Amazon's link) it is a bit "thin", or at least I have many of the records it includes, and it misses many of the songs that I found to be the best during the movie, so, using the soundtrack listing from the whole movie, from the IMDB page, been able to collect the songs I really like.

- Pink Floyd's "Us & them", from The Dark Side of the Moon

- Neil Young's "Old man", from Harvest

- Ted Nugent's "Wang dang sweet poontang", from Double Live Gonzo!

- Blue oyster's cult "Godzilla", from Spectres

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