Friday, April 25, 2008

Yz Shadow side benefit

I loved drop shadows ever since I first saw what it all that about, to me it is a natural thing, an extension, if you will, that really completes the whole "lightning effect" that all the GUIs have, except the very minimal ones, like Blackbox, which have a totally "flat" interface.

On Windows, the easiest way of achieving this was (until Aero) using Yz Shadow, a free program that was very, very popular when the XP boxes started to mimmick Os X to the max.

Found out another use for Yz Shadow, one that comes real handy, it allows to set it, so no window can get beneath the Taskbar; this is specially useful if you use the Taskbar on the top of your screen, which I do, even before I started to use Os X, I think it is far more practical up there on the screen.

Emacs on Windows has the tendency to open everytime on the top left portion of your screen, and, using the Taskbar on the top, I was forced to have to move it, a PITA, since the title bar was underneath the Taskbar, unless you use Win32WM.

Step one ladder down

Incidentally, to get to work Yz Shadow on Windows Vista, you must set the executable to run under "Windows XP compatibility", see here

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