Monday, April 16, 2018

Random Shit I've Been Watching Lately

Along For The Ride:
Really cool documentary, archive footage is superb, you might even think its a Criterion film (most of all because of the cover art), but it doesn't.
The film is sort of a post facto Entourage kinda tale.

Halt And Catch Fire (Season 2 & 3):
Just finished this season, kindy goofy, it took me literally, months to actualy finish the second season.
The third one went fast ;)
Right now watching the fourth season.

Silicon Valley (Season 2):
Not really why I'm watching it, first season was really stupid IMHO, specially after all the hype created around it; I can't ven believe it has so many seasons aftewards.
Anyway, just giving it a chance.

Doctor Strange:
Who the hell watches this shit????? By Jeebus, it is a humongous pile of crap.
I've started to watch this one about a year and half ago, and never had the nerve or time to finish it... Don't know why I even bother to.

The Post:
Pretty good one, as usual, Spielberg doesn't disappoints.

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