Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Mouse Cursor Icons on the Chromebook

My own TIbeam, the way I like it
Yesterday moved my Asus Flip to the Developer Mode.
The idea is to customize the damn mouse cursor... So far it was useless, I failed miserably on the endeavor.

As always, all of this is with the sole purpose of getting rid of the dam I-Beam cursor, guess you could say that I'm on a crusade, since I've been doing this on every single OS I get my hands on.
On the chromebook, the cursor icons are stored on the directory:


And the index.theme for the icon set is located on the directory:


With the contents:


What I've tried to use my custom cursors, so far was to create a directory on the $HOME for the user chronos, and place the cursor files there; tried using the directories ~/.icons/ and ~/.cursors/.
So far, the damn thing simply refuses to work, that is, it keeps using ChromeOS default mouse cursor icons.

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