Sunday, April 01, 2018

The Little Snowflake That Delivers

The little MacBook White is really good and kicking hard.
Yes, it is slow as hell, pretty heavy, hot and when the fan kicks in, the thing looks like a P-47 (which indicates that the CPU governor works), but ITOH, the keyboard is actually quite good, a bit bouncy, but nevertheless a nice one to use.
So far I'm happy as a hell with the lappie.
The battery must have around 1000+ cycles, it delivers something like hours of juice at the moment.
Suspend, sound, USB everything so far works A Ok; haven't tested the external monitor yet, only "glitch" haven't been able to get the CPU temperature thru the command line so far, the way I did it on the MacBook Pro (actually, the way that pretty much I do on every lappie) doesn't work on this baby.

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