Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Binge The Hell Out Of Effing January (2)

Yeap, the binge the fuck out of January while the GF is away goes on and on and on... Not much to do, really, except duck and cover from the animal heat...
  • The Americans
Finished the third season the other day, as opposed as the second as it can be, it actually got really good, it looks like the they fired all the writters and got new ones for the that season.
  • Master Of None
Gulfed down this one in two days (mostly one, actually).
Started reluctantly (not another series, man... Who has the time?).
But it got mighty good as it progressed, somehow funny and heartwarming, I enjoyed like a fucking monkey.
"Nashville" is the most lovely thing I've watched in quite a while, the chemistry between Dev & Rachel is amazing, they really look like they are in love.

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