Friday, January 27, 2017

Fucked ^ WiFi After Suspending?

This has been driving me utterly and fucking nuts for the last couple of weeks...
You suspend your lappie, and when you bring it back to life, WiFi doesn't seem to work, or, if it does, you either can't connect to your favorite network, or just can't even find your favorite network at all.
Seems to be a problem that sort of kills WiFi (pretty certain might be a kernel module that goes FUBAR), I've noticed this on different hardware (for instance on the X140e and the X220) and on different Linux Mint versions.
The solution seems pretty simple, I logout from my session before suspending the lappie, so far, it works like a charm, WiFi works A Ok once it comes back from Suspend and I login onto my user.
It might be a PITA having to close all open stuff and logout, but, personally I tend keep nothing up & running on a lappie running on batts unless its a necessity.

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