Sunday, January 29, 2017

Spannungsbogen Paid Off

Wanted film Or patience, or whatever... And then, maybe.
Last night found a copy (on Youtube of all places, and by pure chance) of a movie that I've been searching for quite some time... Like 20 years or so.
I've mentioned the movie before around here, like, 8 years before [fuck time and fuck perseverance, right?), the movie is Heartbreakers.
I have to say, I thought it wasn't such a big of a deal after all these years
One of the big forgottens of the movie was the music!
Aside from Tangerine Dream's soundtrack it turned out to be quite a (re)discovery... Specially the Coyote & Mancuso tête à tête with Carol Wayne along with Nona Hendryx's Transformation blasting on the background, and none other than the almighty Pat Benatar's "Love Is a Battlefield", which finds its way to a discotheque scene... Certainly cool music.
Like I said on the other post, eight fucking years ago, I always loved LA based movies from that era.

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