Saturday, May 23, 2015

Movies During The Weekend

Better late than never, I gues... Here is the report of what we watched last weekend, impossible to post before, this week has been hell and lots, lots, lots of work around here...

  • Sinister
Selected by the GF, nice, scary one.

  • Project Almanac
Selected by me.
Loved it. Geeky time travel flick, full of references to other time travel flicks

  • Mad Max IV
This one at the theater, our first movie together... we tried a few times before, but the ones we wanted to see were pulled off the cinemas...

  • Rush
Selected by the GF.
Pretty damn good and funny! "Fock You! This Press Conference Is Over!"

House Of Cards
This one is a classic, we keep watching a couple of episodes, and we are still on the second season.

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