Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Kernel Upgrade FUBAR

There is always a first time...
Even for a kernel panic...
Ever since I administer Linux boxes, about a decade ago, I've never had a critical kernel panic (with a new kernel, upon rebooting, on a remote server).
So, this have been a pretty rough days, to say the least.
Luckily, this wasn't a production box, and luckily, the hosting company (an Argentine one) offers bundled with the server, DRAC access to it.
And here is where the problems started.
After the reboot, remotely via SSH, and seeing that the server did not come back, opened ticket requesting that support to take a look at it, hoping for the pretty obvious, the tech gut will se the kernel crash upon booting, reboot the server and select another kernel from the GRUB menu and be done with.
Tech support doesn't do that, meaning that they reboot, they do take a look, but they don't act... Go figure.
So they report back that there is a problem with the kernel, and that they don't do shit about that, because it is something not typical, and that I should contact the sales exec that we have assigned, so they can get another tech guy who will take care of this...
Needless to say, this was ridiculous.
Second stop, using DRAC to access the console, and then select another kernel and finish this crap.
Thing is, in order to get to the DRAC, I have to connect to a VPN, using a Windows only client, and then access a webfront.
So I fire up the Windows 7 install on the mighty T43, and using Internet Explore, connected to the DRAC and then the console.
First problem, once connected, I couldn't type shit, only use the built-in macros I've been able to stop the GRUB menu, but I wasn't able to select a kernel using only the macros.
Second problem, while Googling for this error (not atypical) I got locked out of the DRAC's webfront.
No matter what I wasn't able to login.
Another ticket with support follows...
It turns out that it is mandatory to use Internet Explorer 10, I was using 9 with no problem, and all of the sudden, you have to upgrade...
There is no chance in hell I could upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 without installing Service Pack 1.
So, it was time to test Chrome.
The thing worked A Ok, I was able to connect to the webfront, but the console wasn't working, at all.
Instead of executing the Java applet, it simply d'loaded the script.
Solution, install Java, and try again.
Same error, after more Googling, and more tests, the solution!
Execute, open, the downloaded script with javaws.
Presto, the console worked perfectly, even the keyboard at first try.
Selected another kernel, booted with it and the rest is (happy) history.

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