Saturday, August 27, 2011

Os X Tiger re-install

  • Mount DVD

  • Click on Install Mac OS X

  • On the pop-up click on Restart

  • Asks password

  • Reboot.

  • Use English as the main languague.

  • On the Introduction, goto Utilities > Disk Utility.

  • Delete all the disks before hand.

  • Goto the RAID tab.

  • Set & Select from the drop downs:

  • Set the RAID Set Name: Thor
    Volume Format: Mac OS Extended (Case sensitive, Journaled)
    RAID Type: Striped RAID Set
  • Select both HDDs, by the the Unix entry, and drag those to the box.

  • There will be named "New member:" and the Unix name
  • Click on Create, then again, click on Create on the pop-up

  • The RAID Set Estimated Size: has to be the sum of both drives.

  • When finished, on the right tab there will be a new HDD, named after the "RAID Set Name" with the size of both drives combined.

  • On the box there will be an entry for the Sriped RAID Set, with the name, and combined sizes of both drives, and both drives below, as slices, each with its own size.
  • Close Disk Utility

  • Back on the "Install Max OS X", click on Continue

  • Agree with the License

  • Select the disk to install, Thor, with 148 GB, click Continue

  • Installation Type, click Customize, and uncheck:

  • Printer Drivers
    Additional Fonts
    Language Translations
    And check the option X11
  • Click Install, and wait.

  • Reboot.

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