Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Tango

Today gave it another shot to my beloved Tango.

The poor thing is really is really shaken, these two and a half years have really taken its toll.
The CD ROM went AWOL, for real, but, after disabling it completely on the BIOS, the little laptop sprung to life once again, without those pesky and ball breaking delays, stutters or whatever you might wanna call them.

Installed Lucid from a USB pen drive, on a new HDD I got today 320 GB, the biggest MF I ever had, the hardware certainly differs from the amazing Viking, but that little lappie is driving me crazy with the noise and the heat it generates.

The screenshot is from before installing the "Propietary Hardware Drivers", so it has a totally shitty resolution and it looks like doggie barf; besides that I like the fact that there are over 200 MB of updates.

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