Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lenny meets Hercules

Or Lenny on a Sony Vaio PCG FRV37.

Made a net install today, just for the hell of it, on Hercules, the mighty Sony beast.
I have to say that the whole thing feels wonderfully snappy and responsive, and this laptop is a piece of crap, no matter how you look at it (Pentium IV 2.80 GHz 768 MB RAM).

The whole net install took about 2 hours, and it is a piece of cake to do (referring to the ole internet joke "Ubuntu is an old african word for I can't make a Debian Net Install").
Used a local mirror; and everything seems to be working just fine with the laptop, except for the "Suspend" to RAM (prolly I don't have much, but even tho, devoted a puzzling 2 GBs from the 20 GB HDD to swap), even tho, "Hibernate" does work A Ok.

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