Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Windows 2003 & Intel PRO 1000

So the other day had to make a Windows installation, of a Server, if that can be true.
Haven't been quite a while since I performed a Windows installation, that is, a real one, not a virtualized in some way or another...
This was on a Dell PowerEdge 2850 server, not a top of the line one (by a long chance), but not a piece of crap server either, and really it is not that old.

Anyway, really great was my surprise when I finished the installation and I find out that there is NIC working, not one, at all.
I thought that I somehow screwed the pooch during the install, and that I have forgotten to add a "Windows Component", namely, the TCP/IP one; so I loaded up the installation CD, and checked it.
It was installed.

The thing is, the plain vanilla Windows installation did not installed the drivers for the damn NIC, an Intel PRO 1000, so I had to download the driver, copy it to a USB pen drive, and then transfer it to the PowerEdge.
Not a biggy of course, but really strange, given the nature of the whole thing (a commercial OS, on top of a Dell server), well, live and learn, maybe?



The people at Hotfile has deleted the file, it seems like it was breaking a copyright issue... SO, here is the link to the file, from the Intel site
Network Adapter Drivers for Windows Server 2003

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