Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ring Switcher & Compiz multiplicity (II)

A little sort of heads up on this "Ring Switcher + Evolution multiplicity".

Found out that the same thing happens on the all other window circling plugins that Compiz has, specifically, I mean on these: "Application Switcher", "Ring Switcher" (doh!) & "Shift Switcher"; all of those show those little pesky "Alarms" window (or windows) when circling thru the other opened Windows on your box.

Also (to put sort of a scientific patina to this whole thing :p ) I have found is that:

- The "Alarms" window show up only if the Evolution "main" window is minimized.
- If you disable the "circling thru minimized windows" the "Alarms" window don't show up.

This is cool, a solution of sorts...
But, it really throws the whole purpose of a window switcher, I mean, if you cannot switch to only the windows which are not minimized; yeah, it could be nice to be able to do, after being able to switch to any of the opened windows as well.

Another thing I came across is another pesky window, this one called "Add signature script", it is really tiny, it looks like the same icon from the "Alarms", but without escalation.
It is the tiny, tiny icon inside the yellow box on the screenshot.

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