Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ring Switcher & Compiz multiplicity

I noticed a strange thing using Compiz' Ring Switcher (I love it) and Evolution.

When you execute the Ring Switcher, and Evolution is open with appointments created -no matter the date-, a myriad of little windows show up as well (I believe, one for each appointment you have created), with the name of "Alarms" all of them, belonging to Evolution; if I choose any of them nothing happens, and they all disappear, as I can see if I use the Ring Switcher once again.
To switch to Evolution, I have to select its window specifically.

This is really weird, and specially since I hardly use any Evolution notification, I preffer to use Evolution's Calendar (and Apple's iCal for that matter) to work sort of as a Journal, so it mostly has entries that have already passed; and on the case of Evolution, I particularly set -all- the notification off when I create a new appointment, whether "in the past" or a week ahead.

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