Sunday, October 19, 2008

Verdebuntu (2)

More on the Verdebuntu "theme" or whatever.

Right now, these are the global settings I'm using at the moment:

- Human-Clearlooks is the theme
- Inverted is the window border (Not totally sure that its being used, since I'm using Emerald as the window manager... See below)
- Tangerine is the icon set
- Mac4Lin_Cursors is the cursor icon set.

The settings on the theme, to acess them go to:
"System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Customize -> Colors"

(That's a f*ckload of a path, man!)

- Windows:

background: a6db97
text: 184D13

- Input boxes:

background: b0d6ad
text: 096001

- Selected items:

background: 6db336
text: 096001

- Tooltips:

background: 66b01f
text: 096001

The settings on the Emerald theme, a very, very little modified version of the truly wonderful Human Tiger:

- Active window:

Text fill: 1E5019
Text outline: 94B291
Bottom outline: 0A270C

- Inactive window:

Text fill: 357E2F
Text outline: A6DB97

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