Friday, October 03, 2008

Disable Evolution notifications on Gnome Panel

(Well, actually, more like trying to.. This is a work in progress)

I have that balloon notification thing, specially for a thing like email, where it pops up a lot during a normal usage day.
Found this while Googling for an answer: Balloons in Dapper Gnome Panel....

But I have the option that the thread gives as a solution enabled for ages, and it is doing nothing to avoid the notifications, either of them, the balloon ones, as well as the little envelope that keeps flashing inside the Panel itself.

There are two other options, or keys, I found, using the gconf-editor as well, the ones on the screen shot on the left.
But they did no good either...
I did try both of them, either enabled or disabled the whole set, or just one, with no result.

The keys are:


I'm puzzled, IMHO, such a stupid little thing should be easily edited whit just a few clicks and be done and carry on with your life.

Update (Oct 6 2008):
There is a solution for this problem, on this post

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