Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dream Accurate theme problems

Couple of problems I found on the Dream Accurate theme, they are not a big deal, but sort of a show stopper for me, at least for the moment (that's why I switched to the Human Tiger theme)

First, there is this sort of faint white ghost line on the lateral edges of every window, not along the whole border of the window, but near the top; personally, I found this to be the biggest one of the two problems.

The other one is that the "Eye of GNOME" ( link 1link 2) window (IMHO, one of the best image viewers available today) does not "return" from the full screen viewing with buttons on the window, that is, the 'close', 'minimize' & 'maximize' buttons are gone (they should be on the yellow box on the screen shot); the only way to make them appear once again is "rolling up" the window (double click the title bar) and then "rolling it down" once again.

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